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Meet Grand Marshal Alana Barfield at the Parade of Lights!

Are you coming to the TVFFRF Parade of Lights?  Make sure you meet this year’s Grand Marshal, Alana Barfield!

Alana is a preparedness expert and wilderness survivalist, best known for her appearances on two seasons of the Discovery Channel’s Naked & Afraid television show and Naked & Afraid XL. With great success, she has logged over 60 days in remote wilderness with almost no supplies, relying on her primitive skills. A native Texan, she took on the wilds of a Fijian island and the dry plains of Colombia, successfully surviving healthy and uninjured and outlasting other challengers. She has appeared globally in countless tv, magazine and radio specials, including The Insider and US Weekly.

As an active member of her community, Alana is also CERT Volunteer, a certified NRA Instructor, and enthusiastically supports fire, police, and EMT first responders. Using her FEMA certifications, collegiate Emergency and Disaster Planning education and private security career background, she is a professional organizing and emergency preparedness consultant for individuals and families and the owner of Prep Perfection, a local business.

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