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Welcome to the Texas Volunteer Firefighters Relief Fund page.  For more than 22 years, the Texas Volunteer Firefighters Relief Fund has devoted its energy to assisting volunteer firefighters when they experience catastrophic events in their lives.


What happens when a catastrophic event happens to a volunteer firefighter? The Relief Fund was established to help those who help others when they are in need themselves. 


Texas Firefighters will stop at nothing to keep you and your family safe.  We stop at nothing to make sure they are cared for when they need help.


Via our annual events and outreach programs, we give back to the communities that give so generously to our organization!


We are proud of the calling that we cater to.  It is an honor to serve Volunteer Firefighters in the great state of Texas.

How We Help

See the ways we make a difference in the lives of the volunteer first responders who help us through our worst days.

Medical Aid for Martin

Martin has worked every single available shift over the last 6 years, with no vacation.  Now, his medication…

Temporary Housing for Aileen

Aileen was injured in a fire at her own home, that her department fought.  Help us support temporary…

Help for Frank

Frank Support Test   Are you able to support Frank's recovery?  Please consider donating to TVFFRF:  

Thank You to Our Sponsors

We are honored by the support these organizations continue to provide TVFFRF. The Relief Fund continues to make a difference in the lives of volunteer firefighters as a direct result of these corporate sponsors.

Will you be there for a Volunteer Firefighter in need?

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