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Welcome to the Texas Volunteer Firefighter’s Relief Fund page.  For more than 22 years, the Texas Volunteer Firefighter’s Relief Fund has devoted its energy to assisting volunteer firefighters when they experience catastrophic events in their lives. These heroes work tirelessly to keep our communities safe, and when catastrophe strikes in their lives, the support they need is not always there. Through generous donations, we work to alleviate the financial burdens they may have during their recovery.

The Texas Volunteer Firefighter’s Relief Fund (TVFFRF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Texas Volunteer Firefighters in need of assistance. The TVFFRF was started by volunteer firefights for volunteer firefighters. “Help Us Help Our Own.”

What happens when a catastrophic event happens to a volunteer firefighter? The Relief Fund was established to help those who help others when they are in need themselves.

The TVFFRF is dedicated to helping volunteers in situations where few others can.  We are volunteer firefighters ourselves, and thus understand what they may be going through.  We offer assistance in the form of:

  • Financial Assistance
  • Counseling for Loss of a Family Member / Friend
  • Assistance after a loss of home due to fire or natural causes
  • Assistance overcoming major catastrophic events

It is our duty to help ensure that a fellow volunteer firefighter in Texas can make it through the toughest and most challenging time in his or her life.

Will you be there for a Volunteer Firefighter in need?

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